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Whether you’re having an intensive low spell, or feeling a bit meh – it’s amazing what can happen when you channel your mind. Simply put, doing something is good for you. Mood is often continued because it is absorbed, and becomes a ‘thing’ like a parasite, but it is fleeting just like rain clouds in the sky. Even with a deep depression; it is fleeting, and you just need a very strong mind or wind to blow the clouds away and reveal the blue sky behind. A danger is getting comfortable here. Identifying the meh as ‘me’. It’s not. It’s just the mental equivalent of sitting on a couch. In the most severest of mood swings, if you have that voice of clarity struggling somewhere, you will always find your way back to the blue sky.

How Online Bingo Can Improve Your Mood

Online bingo does not seem the likely answer. However, it is has many tricks up its sleeve to improve your mood, many are already at work.

Just doing something. Sometimes this can be the hardest thing, but the most dramatic. I remember reading articles advising me to ‘go for a run’ (now I’m not saying you shouldn’t) but for me it felt like I couldn’t. I just didn’t have the inspiration, my whole outlook on life was tinted grey. However, it is important to do something. Online bingo is something. If anything, it is a distraction. A game.

Get out of your head. Often we are fuelling our mood with self-reflection. Arguments, questions, answers, worries. Just stop. Clarity comes when you stop all self-reflection. Online bingo gets you out of your head, and back into the world.

Interaction with other players. When you’re playing online bingo you are playing with thousands of other players. This sense of community can be a great mood boost. Most online bingo halls will have the option to interact with your competitors, getting some good banter on the go can really liven up a game and distract you from your mood.

A sense of competition. Get ready for war. Our minds are most alert in a time of danger, now online bingo might not be a warzone but it is still a ‘vs’ situation, enough to get your blood pumping. It is a natural response to sharpen your senses, and a lowered mood is a lazy mind. Sharpen up!

A sense of winning. Online bingo offers the chance of victory. It doesn’t matter how minute the pay cheque, these bursts of winning will give you the small karma doses you’ve been waiting for! And hopefully that earth-shattering five-figure karma dose you’ve been waiting for.

So don’t drown in your sorrows, if anything – drown in money. And happiness. That’s important too.

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