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People often ask me how I win at life. The answer is simple. Stand up. Take the bull by the horns, and throw it into an ocean of dreams. You have that strength inside you.

I’m an adrenaline junkie. You know my type. I’m him. The one who walks without a hint of remorse, kicking his heels and grinning in the ankle-shower of decapitated daisies, smiling devilishly past a ‘Keep Off the Grass’ sign. If you could see what I do to doors that tell me to ‘Keep Out’ – that’s right, I walk through them. And don’t get me started on 20mph signs, where I go I sprint at 21.

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If you’re like me than you require more from life. You’ll take a leak with the door open. You’ll ride your bike cross-country. You’ll add Tabasco to your cereal. Here are some ways to spice up your online bingo games.

I call this one Niagara Falls. Eat a ghost pepper and Play Online Bingo. This is the literal definition of ‘spice up’ – this friendly pickle can cause a more dramatic flooding of tears than watching The Notebook after a recent breakup. But what are tears compared to the dry eyes of a winner? Complete this challenge by maintaining concentration for one whole game.

I call this ‘The Batman’. Strap into some moon boots and play online bingo upside down, working those abdominals while you win. Too easy? Do the same again, except this time lather yourself in bacon.

Sometimes in life you have to prioritise. Try playing online bingo during a job interview. The key is to show enough engagement with the interviewer to land the job, while concentrating on the more important task at hand; winning at online bingo.

Sometimes in life you have to make sacrifices. Reaching out to help a friend? Maybe you should think about what a winner would do. That’s right. Online bingo, even in a time of need.

Need to use the bathroom halfway through a game? This one is the real crux. At a time like this we separate the losers from the champions. The loser gives in. Yes, there may be temporary relief – but it will weigh on your conscience like the shame you felt that one time you felt such intense shame you decided to label this moment as your example of shamefulness. Only you can decide whether you are a champion or a loser.

Let’s get serious for a minute… Online bingo isn’t about winners or losers. It’s more than that. It’s about life and death, it’s about love. It’s about wanting more.

Because you’re worth everything.

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