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PayPal Bingo

PayPal Bingo

Bingo Sites That Accept PayPal

The number of online bingo sites that accept PayPal is increasing at breakneck speed. PayPal is a widely trusted and celebrated depository method. PayPal has won several awards in the likes of the 'Peoples Voice Awards' and 'Best Financial Services Site.' It has become without doubt the preferred banking option for all the best bingo sites.

Online bingo halls that accept PayPal can come with many advantages. Generally, PayPal is an easy-to-use flexible service, which enhances user-friendliness. All players can connect their credit, debit cards and bank account with their PayPal account. At your command these can be used to make purchases.

Bingo sites have utilised PayPal as the default payment service; this is because the PayPal banking option offer lower charges than any other banking choice. It is also a name we are comfortable with - and when it comes to personal money, we want to know that we are in safe hands. All top bingo portals provide their registered players with a wide range of depositing methods and all players are at liberty to select any option according to their preference. PayPal is becoming an integral part of bingo sites and a trusted and favoured way of transferring money from a bank account into a bingo account.

Some top quality gaming platforms that accept PayPal include; 888 bingo, Big Brother bingo, bet365 and Bingo Fabulous. PayPal is widely regarded as the safest and most secured banking option. Even so, remember to look out for the 'green padlock' next to the URL - this means the site is validated, and not just some scam replica!

Is PayPal Funded Bingo Safer?

PayPal is fast becoming the number one depository option for gamers to play their favourite online bingo games with. Using PayPal as a banking method makes a lot of sense. It's verified, secure and generally trusted for its service. It also makes use of a 'quick purchase' which records your details, and can skip the hassle of entering bank details again and again. Furthermore, with PayPal the word 'bingo' doesn't pop up on your bank statement - you know, in case you were worried about your SO locating the source of your disappearance... Here at we provide all the information players could ever need to explore the bingo world with PayPal.

Venturing out with PayPal

Contrary to many players' misconception that joining PayPal is a laborious task; it is actually very simple - requiring just five minutes of your time. Simply visit PayPal's domain, and complete the registration process; all you'll need is your bank details and some personal information. Once this is complete you will receive a confirmation email. Importantly, all information entered is stored in locked and secure servers for future usage.

Advantages of Using PayPal as a Banking Option

Millions of players across the world are choosing to use PayPal as their online payment service, especially within bingo. Let's have a look why players are turning to this banking choice:

  • PayPal is widely considered a highly secure website, so players need not worry about the privacy of sensitive card information. No third-party can access their banking details.
  • To make or receive payments online, players only have to offer their PayPal ID or email address for online transactions, i.e. receiving or making payments.
  • Finally, transactions that are made on PayPal take place very fast and are visible on players' electronic bank account instantly. This helps players keep track of the amount of money that is coming in and out of their account.

Disadvantages of Using PayPal

PayPal is a consistent and secure method of banking. However, some who have used this option have experienced setbacks. Being a player and looking for a flawless depositing method you need to be aware of possible downsides so that you can make an informed choice on whether to use PayPal. Here are some potential drawbacks:

  • Many players have experienced their accounts become frozen for no apparent reason. Once this happens, they have a hard time unlocking their accounts again - chiefly because it's a lengthy process for players to prove their identity and communicate with call centre staff.
  • Frozen accounts not only waste players time and energy but sometimes transactions can be cancelled, withdrawals held, and rarely - disappeared.


It is always worth researching the field before submitting personal information, luckily the disadvantages mentioned happen few and far between. PayPal is a consistent and secure provider for internet transactions.

The instantaneous banking transactions that PayPal make possible trigger the utmost level of security. It is very easy for players to keep a tab across numerous accounts. With some forms of banking - transactions can take days to clear and players have to wait for records and confirmations before receiving a bank statement. The time gap is crucial and can lead to faults in transactions. For example; players can overdraw money from their accounts or deposit payment by mistake.

PayPal offer the highest security in terms of internet piracy. All transactions take place on secure and separate servers, light years away from the servers we have access to as the general public.

PayPal comes with a small feature that enables players to remove specific transactions from their printed bill. Some players may be afraid that their involvement with online gambling might affect their employment opportunities. But with PayPal they can effortlessly do away with them.

Finally, PayPal is a free service that does not cost you a penny. The charge is generally covered by the owners of each separate gaming portal.

PayPal on Mobile

It is also important to note that PayPal can be used via mobile devices. The service is very 'mobile friendly' which can help make internet transactions on your phone or tablet a lot easier! Considering how many mobile bingo portals there are; PayPal can be a fluent and compatible banking system for you.

PayPal mobile bingo platforms are becoming highly south-after, especially after the advent of tablet technology and newly launched smart devices. The portability of these gadgets makes bingo accessible on the move! Once again PayPal is a secured method of payment via mobile devices.

Best PayPal Bingo Sites

Not all bingo sites accept PayPal but the number is increasing. Examples of new sites that accept PayPal are LadyLucks and Moobile games; both are also mobile responsive.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy playing bingo now without the worries of payment and security!

Happy Gaming...!


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