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Uk Bingo

Uk Bingo

Bingo is most commonly played in the United Kingdom and online bingo is no exception! There are hundreds of online gaming halls and it can become a daunting task choosing which one is for you!

The History of UK Bingo

Bingo has soared in popularity since the 1960 Gaming Act was approved by Parliament! Many traditional bingo halls were converted from dance halls and community centres. The Gambling Commission of Britain hit the nail on the head when they accepted bingo halls as venues of entertainment on the basis of 'community gathering'. And that's what we believe it's all about; making friends and having fun!

UK Bingo Games and Rules

Want to learn about bingo rules and how to play online bingo? Look no further than here!

The 90 ball game is without doubt the most popular form of bingo. It is markedly different from 75 ball games which are popular in the US. So in a nutshell: Cards are called tickets, they can differ in terms of layout design compared to other variations of online bingo. Essentially, in a 90 ball game the tickets are composed in 9 columns and 3 rows. Every row contains 5 squares numbering from 1 to 90. There is no free space on the ticket. There is a calling board which comes with 6 rows and each row consists of 15 numbers; offering a total of 90 numbers! When a number is called it will be checked off your ticket! Win prizes by getting 1 line, 2 lines and full house!

The Popularity of Online Bingo in UK

The internet version of bingo is highly popular in the UK, and is regarded as one of the top forms of entertainment for people! Because of the player-demand, an increasing number of gaming sites are coming into existence. There are over 700 online bingo platforms in the UK alone - and a whopping 3 million players! The number of players is only increasing, which means the fame of the game is going through the roof! Each year bingo operators pay millions into the evolution of our favourite game, making it one of the most diverse and fun games available online! Don’t worries about lying on the beach with your winnings, most UK bingo sites allow transactions in Euro and Pounds!

Online Bingo is played by a whole range of ages; especially the younger generations! Surveys have revealed that more than 90% of online bingo players are below 50 years of age. However, studies have showed that ladies in particular have taken to online bingo, concluding it as one of the favourite pastimes for 20-25 year olds. Perhaps the surge in popularity is due to a unisex player-base. In the span of one year from July 2009 to July 2010, online bingo saw a staggering increase of 40% - that's 3.2 million players starting their bingo adventures online!

UK Bingo Tickets and Their Usage

90 balls games are the most prevalent variation of the game in UK. As mentioned earlier there are 9 columns and each column comprises of 10 numbers in the following order;

  • Column 1: Numbers from 1 to 9
  • Column 2: Numbers from 10 to 19
  • Column 3: Numbers from 20 to 29
  • Column 4: Numbers from 30 to 39
  • Column 5: Numbers from 40 to 49
  • Column 6: Numbers from 50 to 59
  • Column 7: Numbers from 60 to 69
  • Column 8: Numbers from 70 to 79
  • Column 9: Numbers from 80 to 90

There are total 90 squares in a 9X3 dimension bingo ticket. There are total 15 numbers in a ticket of 90 balls bingo and each of the three rows consists of 5 numbers.

Different Stages of 90balls UK Bingo

There are chiefly three stages of 90 balls bingo that players need to go through to win a game. Let’s discuss these three stages briefly.

One Line

In this stage of the game players are supposed to mark off 5 numbers of a particular row in the ticket of a 90 balls bingo game.

Two Lines

In order to complete two lines players need to achieve 2 horizontal rows in their 90 balls bingo ticket. Gamers essentially have to mark ten numbers spreading across 2 rows on their tickets.

Full House

Full House is the final stage of a 90 balls game. In this stage, players aim to mark off all 15numbers on their tickets before others to become the winner.

The prizes that gamers receive for completing various stages also depend upon those stages. Since, the final stage of Full House is the most difficult stage to complete players those who succeed in doing that avail the best rewards. However, players that complete One Line or Two Lines are also entitled for prizes.

Calling Out the Competition - UK Bingo

When it comes to traditional bingo, the games are controlled by a caller. The caller plays an instrumental part in the game by calling out the numbers that players mark off. Competitions are also held on an annual basis in which callers compete against one another to become the best caller of the year!

Recent Developments in UK Bingo

The first ever UK online bingo site was launched back in 1996 and since then the field has escalated in popularity, continuing to increase in player-base every year. Whereas initially the game was predominately played by mature women, now the game is played by both male and female, from all walks of life!

Chat functions have become a revolutionary element of the online game. Players can easily make friends, or celebrate together when winning bingo bonus money! There is a real sense of community; aside from chat rooms, we encourage players to make use of blogs and news sections. Many UK portals offer players the chance to post personal photos and write a short bio! So you can be a winning-face behind a winning-name! Some gaming halls have loyalty schemes and VIP memberships. With so many new features, it's no wonder why it's becoming so popular with younger players. As a stereotypically female-enjoyed game, there has also been a surge of male players!

Males joining a female dominated site with pictures? Who'd have thought?

UK Bingo Lingo and Nicknames

All UK bingo sites come with a unique style. The UK culture and local traditions have successfully blended with the game. On some versions; the callers add an element of fun while calling out numbers, for example; the callers call 'Brighton line' instead of 59. This was the engine number for the London to Brighton route. The cockney-slang variations of numbers may be confusing at first, but they add a level of culture and tradition. Others include 'Dirty Gertie' for number 30, and 'cup of tea' for number 3.

Best UK Bingo Sites

Two of the largest bingo operators presently in the UK are Mecca Bingo and Gala Bingo. Both of these establishments have a strong online presence, and are recommended by our experts at Online Bingo Point.


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